Kerbal Space Dev
KSP 0.15 is up!


I’m very pleased to announce that the 0.15 update of KSP is now officially released!

You can get it at the KSP Store.

This update adds these features to the game, among several others:

  • The Spaceplane Hangar Facility: A new construction building where you build horizontally.
  • A new Runway Facility, where you launch the things you build in the Spaceplane Hangar.
  • A new Patched Conics display on the Map View, shows your trajectory as you move into and out of the SOI of planets and moons.
  • A lot of new parts, including air-breathing jet engines and deployable, animated landing gear.
  • A new mod creation toolkit, allowing for animated part mods, normal mapped part models, and several other improvements.
  • A new, far-flung little moon around Kerbin, called Minmus.
  • Many bug fixes and tweaks.

The full changelog can be seen here.

Happy Launchings!